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What is the Best Diaphragm Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Lifters?

Materials Handling Vacuum Lifters use one or more suction cups to create lifting points for cranes, hoists, or smaller manual devices to move large objects.  Vacuum lifting is used in various applications, ranging from warehouse inventory management to field-based construction, for moving objects of varying sizes and shapes.  Many vacuum lifters use AC-powered pumps or compressed air to generate vacuum for attaching the suction cups to the object being moved.  But for field-based construction, it is often most convenient to use batteries to power the pumps because it is:

  • a lot more convenient (no wires or generators to manage or workaround)
  • more effective, efficient, and productive

Battery-powered, field-based applications are where Dynaflo 1000 Series Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps shine.  Here are a few reasons why.


Rated by flow/power (lpm/Watt), Dynaflo 1000 Series diaphragm vacuum pumps are among the most efficient in the industry.  The technology is described in detail elsewhere, but it boils down to the choice of motor and the design of the diaphragm, valves, moving mechanical parts, and air/gas flow path.  In one comparison, the Dynaflo 1000 Series vacuum pump consumed less than half of a leading competitor’s comparable pump under wide-open flow conditions.

The benefits of low power for field-based applications are obvious:  more uptime, more productivity, faster, safer working on the job site.


Vacuum lifting in the field involves gritty, often harsh environments.  All diaphragm pumps use rubber parts for valves and other parts – which can be adversely affected by long-term use in these harsh situations.  Replacement parts for the 1000 Series Vacuum Pumps are readily available and easily installed.


The Dynaflo 1000 Series Vacuum Pump packs a lot of punch for its size and weight.  Plus, it is comparatively less noisy than some of its competitors – both of which combine to make this pump a solid choice for small or large vacuum lifting systems.


The lower power, serviceability, size, and noise characteristics of the Dynaflo 1000 Series Vacuum Pumps for Vacuum Lifting Applications give those companies that use it a clear, competitive edge against those that don’t.

If your company makes and sells vacuum lifting systems for factories or, ideally, field-based applications, contact Dynaflo so we can help you give your products a competitive edge.

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