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About Dynaflo

Dynaflo is committed to delivering customized, cutting-edge engineering design and manufacturing in the most customer responsive, reliable & cost-effective manner possible.

Our History

Dynaflo was incorporated in 1998. Seeing a need in the medical equipment industry for smaller, quieter and more efficient vacuums and compressors, Dynaflo entered the market with an innovative line of super-compact and lightweight mini diaphragm pumps. Since then, our cutting-edge designs have been employed in industrial, biomedical, and air quality applications.

In 2008, Dynaflo’s custom engineered 3000 Series radial diaphragm air compressor was named a finalist in Design News’ “Build a Better Mousetrap” competition. Dynaflo continues to be at the forefront of custom pump and compressor engineering.

With its highly skilled team of engineers and assemblers, Dynaflo performs all design, engineering, manufacture, inspection, assembly, and testing on-site in Pennsylvania.

Dynaflo is dedicated to working with customer’s engineers and manufacturers to develop targeted solutions that guarantee competitive and increased market share.

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Our Vision

  1. Dynaflo engineers, builds, and ships our products with precision and timeliness.
  2. Dynaflo prioritizes the use of quality “Made in the USA” parts.
  3. Dynaflo rigorously tests all of our products before shipping.
  4. Dynaflo aims to offer inexpensive solutions to unresolved problems.
  5. Dynaflo offers a welcoming and safe workplace for all.
  6. Dynaflo communicates reliably and honestly with our customers. 

Our Values

  1. We are passionate about our work and strive to be the best.
  2. We actively pursue perfection.
  3. We are trusted.
  4. We are forward thinking and forward acting.
  5. We are progressive.
  6. We are disciplined and focused on sustainably growing our Company.
  7. We are a Company of hardworking and self-motivated individuals. 

Let's create your perfect diaphragm pump

Every product is different, and some are one of a kind. We’re excited to hear about your products and how Dynaflo, Inc. can provide you with a competitive edge.

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