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Case Study: Mini Pump Powers Tisch’s Market-Leading Air Samplers

Tisch Environmental, Inc. (TEI) has been a leading manufacturer of air sampling equipment used to monitor air quality and particulate matter level for over 60 years. The founders, Wilbur Tisch and Web Tisch, developed the first air sampler in collaboration with the US Department of Health in the 1950s.


As air quality research advanced, new EPA regulations emerged with tighter standards for monitoring particulate matter (PM). The introduction of PM2.5 standards in the 1990s was particularly impactful, as Bob Tisch, Executive VP of TEI, explained:

"In the 1990s, new research revealed that PM2.5 particulate matter was the real problem. These particles could break the blood barrier in the lungs and enter the bloodstream."

To meet these stricter standards, TEI needed to develop a new low-volume air sampler capable of accurately capturing PM2.5 levels by simulating human respiratory levels at 16.67 LPM (1 cubic meter per hour). To power this sampler, they required a mini diaphragm pump that could operate on DC power, work effectively at high elevations, and integrate seamlessly into their low-volume design.


After an extensive search and evaluation of various pumps, TEI discovered Dynaflo. Dynaflo sent TEI a trial 1000 Series diaphragm pump that checked all the boxes for their new low-volume sampler:

  • Operated at 16.7 LPM, suitable for low-volume air sampling.
  • Maintained performance at high elevations.
  • 24VDC-powered, allowing for battery or solar operation.
  • Brushless design, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Tisch highlighted the quality and cost-effectiveness of the Dynaflo pump. “It looks like something that costs $1,000 but doesn’t—it’s you know, two or three hundred dollars, a third of the cost of what it looks like.


Impressed by the diaphragm pump's quality and performance, TEI designed an innovative custom mounting system to integrate Dynaflo’s diaphragm pump into its new TE-Wilbur low-volume air sampler. The mounting system uses drone camera stabilizers (gimbal balls) to achieve excellent dampening and noise reduction.


The integration of Dynaflo’s diaphragm pump into the TE-Wilbur low-volume sampler enabled TEI to offer a reliable, high-quality product that met stringent EPA standards. Its ability to operate flawlessly in any environment, including high elevations, was a game-changer.

Tisch emphasized the impact of using Dynaflo's diaphragm pump: “We have these [air] samplers all over the world from China to the mountains of Peru to the Arctic. Our competitors had issues at high elevations where the air is thin, but we have not had one issue.”


The partnership between TEI and Dynaflo exemplifies how collaboration and innovation can lead to market-leading products. The quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of Dynaflo pumps have been integral to the success of TEI’s air samplers, ensuring that they continue to provide accurate and dependable air quality monitoring solutions worldwide.

Tisch encapsulated the essence of this partnership: “Customer service and product quality are at the heart of Tisch Environmental. Our collaboration with Dynaflo has reinforced these values, enabling us to deliver world-class air sampling solutions that our customers can trust, no matter how stringent the air quality standards become.”

TEI is a family-run business that’s evolved into a global leader, earning recognition from the US EPA and holding approximately 80% market share for high and low-volume air samplers today. For more information about TEI, please visit

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