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When is a custom diaphragm pump the best option?

When you're looking for a diaphragm pump, it is vital that the pump is the right fit for your application and works well with your mechanical design. Does this mean you need a custom pump? Not necessarily. So, when do you need a custom diaphragm pump? 

Let's walk through an example.  Let's say you need a 30 LPM pump running at 12 V DC.

Company X has a 40 LPM pump at 12 V. They might tell you, this will do fine. All you need to do is turn down the voltage a little bit, change the speed, drop the speed down, and it'll flow 30 LPM, maybe not at 12 volts, but it'll flow 30 just fine.

This is true. But, by reducing the speed, it may not run as efficiently as it should. The flow will be more pulsatile, not ideal, but it will work.

Another alternative, rather than changing the speed, is to change the stroke of the piston. What that involves is a custom eccentric—and we make many different pumps with different eccentrics for our customers who require different strokes and flows optimized for specific performance.

This is just one quick example of typical customizations we make to ensure the diaphragm pumps we provide to our customers are well-suited to their specific needs.

We also build fully-customized pumps from the ground up. Let me know if you have something unique we can help you with to give your products a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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