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How Dynaflo Tests IV Infusion Micro Pumps for Flawless Performance

The 6000 Series is a high-performance diaphragm pump that drives the mechanism in an automated IV infusion system. The actual drug doesn't go through this pump but is used to drive the mechanism for drug infusion.


Dynaflo, Inc. created this automated testing system specifically for this micropump, subjecting it to 16 weeks of testing (which passed with flying colors!).

The diaphragm pump automated testing system measures performance in the following ways:

  1. We ensure the motor is performing as expected by ramping up to pressure and ensuring that it achieves that pressure.
  2. We make sure there are no leaks on either of the heads by bringing them up to a certain vacuum, holding for 5 seconds, and ensuring that the vacuum is held within a specific tolerance.
  3. The third part of the test is a leak test on the compression side that is performed similarly to how we tested the vacuum.

If all of those things pass, then everything's good! 

We’ve worked hard for over three decades to create a brand our customers can trust fully. Creating customized tests to ensure the diaphragm pumps work properly in your products is just part of building that trust. 

Are you building an innovative product that requires a reliable diaphragm pump? Contact us for a free trial pump.

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