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What is the best gas diaphragm vacuum pump for vacuum lifting?

If you're in the vacuum lifting business, chances are your product needs to be designed to be fast, reliable, efficient, and safe. Of course, this points straight to the heart of the system— the vacuum pump on the inside, which needs to be designed to help your product be fast, reliable, efficient, and safe.

How can the Dynaflo diaphragm 1000 Series pumps help you achieve those goals?

Achieve your target vacuum levels quickly

The Dynaflo 1000 Series helps you achieve your target vacuum levels quickly. This is because we have single-head and dual-head models available for everything from the smallest compact portable vacuum lifters to large rigs that could use one, ten, or twenty of these pumps all gang together. They're small, compact, and lightweight, allowing you to quickly achieve your vacuum levels.

Reliability and Longevity

The 1000 Series Vacuum Lifting Diaphragm pump is also extremely reliable. Our selection of high-quality valves, diaphragms, bearings, motors, wires, and other pump materials ensures the 1000 Series pumps last many, many years.


They are oil-free for maintenance-free operation. When servicing these pumps, they have an easy four-screw removal of the head to gain access to replace the diaphragm inside. So it's designed to last many years and be easy to maintain.

Performance & Efficiency

In addition to their reliability, the 1000 Series are also very efficient. The 1000 Series use high-quality brush DC motors coupled with high-performance design features such as ball bearings throughout and a convoluted diaphragm. Hence, the energy required to drive these is as low as possible. These combined features make the 1000 Series one of the most power-efficient vacuum pumps on the market today.


Another important aspect of the Dynaflo 1000 Series is safety. If by chance, the vacuum level of your lifter should drop due to a leak or anything else, it's important that your vacuum pump have the ability to restart under load— and these do— so you don't have to abort the mission or the operation. You can rely on your pump to restart and maintain that vacuum to keep going.

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