Manufacturer of Diaphragm Vacuum
Pumps and Compressors

Custom Engineered and Built to Meet Your Specific Needs


Does your Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Give you a competitve edge?

Since 1988 Dynaflo, Inc. has manufactured cutting-edge custom diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors that give your products a competitive edge. Our innovative designs are preferred by medical device, air quality, industrial, and vacuum lifter manufacturers because they are:

  • 60% more efficient than leading pumps
  • built to fit your specific application
  • extremely responsive under pressure/load
  • lightweight: .005-5.5 lbs (12 g-2.5 kg)
  • competitively priced
  • easy to maintain
  • and will work reliably for a long time

Most Popular Vaccum Pumps & Compressors

1000 Series Gas Diaphragm Pump

Up to ~80 lpm (2.6 cfm)

The 1000 Series gas diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors are ideal for aspirators, vacuum lifters, air sampling, and other applications where you need extremely efficient flow/power output and long-lasting power.  The 1000 Series is available in 45 lpm (1.6 cfm) and 75 lpm (2.6 cfm)

2000 Series Mini Gas Diaphragm Pump

Up to ~1.5 lpm (0.05 cfm)

The 2000 Series is a mini gas diaphragm pump and compressor designed for prosthetics and other miniature applications where you need high vacuum levels, small packaging, and fast start-up under load.  Dynaflo, Inc.'s model 2102X  vacuum pump provides the highest vacuum levels currently available from a diaphragm pump of this size. 

3000 Series Smooth Flow Diaphragm Compressor

Up to ~140 lpm (4.9 cfm)

The 3000 Series Radial 12 smooth flow diaphragm compressors are ideal for ventilators and other medical devices that require an extremely fast response, low-pressure, and smooth output flow. These compressors meet all FDA contamination control requirements.

6000 Series Gas Diaphragm Pump / Compressor

Up to ~45 lpm (1.6 cfm)

The 6000 Series diaphragm pump/compressor is ideal for drug infusion systems and other applications requiring small size, high vacuum, and moderate, precise control of the flow. It features two diaphragm pump "heads" to provide both pressure and vacuum.

Dynaflo Diaphragm pump Features & benefits 

Ideal for Battery-Powered Applications

Our pumps are designed to bend the diaphragm rather than stretch it-which minimizes the force required to displace the diaphragm, maximizes efficiency, and reduces the power required to operate them.

Low Wear Components

Dynaflo vacuum pumps and compressors can use brushless DC motors, high-quality bearings, and other specialized materials to ensure our products will continue to perform as expected over time.


"Oil-less" means that our vacuum pumps and compressors operate without risk of contaminating the medium being pumps.

ISO 9001:2015

Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015, which means we care about our customers, quality, and continual improvement.