What is the Most Efficient Low-Power Diaphragm Vacuum Pump?

April 1, 2022 /

Manufacturers of battery-powered equipment prefer low-power diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors because operators can use them on a single charge for an extended period. The most critical factor for these battery-powered applications is the efficiency of the diaphragm vacuum pump. Efficiency Test Outline We compared our Dynaflo Model 1032 single-head diaphragm pump to a Thomas…

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What is the Best Diaphragm Pump Compressor For Medical Ventilators?

February 1, 2022 /

Medical Ventilator Pump Compressor Requirements High-end medical ventilators have stringent requirements for the heart of their systems:  the diaphragm pump compressor that delivers air to the patient.  The compressors not only need to meet or exceed all the requirements of the FDA for contamination control, but they need to meet the requirements of the manufacturer…

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