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Dynaflo's Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Answer: Dynaflo manufactures diaphragm pumps for pneumatic systems. Common applications for diaphragm pumps include vacuum lifting, prosthetics, and ventilators. Find out more about common applications for diaphragm pumps here.

Answer: Diaphragm pumps (also known as membrane pumps) are positive displacement pumps that use the reciprocating motion of diaphragms, valves, etc. to pump air. Learn more about the technology behind our products here.

Answer: A diaphragm pump, also known as a membrane pump, is a positive displacement pump. Find out more about the technology behind Dynaflo products here.

Answer: Our modular designs allow for customization to your specific application. Contact us today to determine the correct vacuum pump or compressor for your application.

Answer: Dynaflo manufactures OEM vacuum pumps that are used by a variety of industries to pump air to a target destination. Applications include vacuum lifting and prosthetic adhesion. Find out more about common applications for diaphragm pumps here.

Answer: Dynaflo’s quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified and custom vacuum pumps and compressors can be specifically designed to accommodate medical device applications. Learn more about Dynaflo’s quality system here.