How some of Our Custom OEM Pumps are used


Vacuum Lifting

The Challenge:
Reliable, high-vacuum pump for vacuum lifting applications where low power consumption means longer use per battery charge. This translates to higher productivity and less hassle in the field.

The Solution:
Dynaflo’s 1000 Series single head and dual head OEM vacuum pumps are the solutions. The low power consumption makes them ideal for battery-powered applications. Dynaflo diaphragm pumps are among the most efficient in the industry.

Prosthetic Attachment

The Challenge:
A small, low-power, quiet vacuum pump to create suction for attaching/retaining prosthetic limbs.

The Solution:
A Dynaflo 2000 Series miniature vacuum pump, designed specifically for this application, to fit tightly within the controller pack.

New Project


The Challenge:
Rugged diaphragm compressor applications for portable ventilators (ambulances, for example) produce a uniform, non-pulsatory flow. Lightweight for portability, rugged enough to be subject to drops, low power for optimal use of the battery, and reliable, quality airflow required by medical applications.

The Solution:
A patented Dynaflo 3000 Series “Radial 12” radial compressor, uniquely configured to produce uniform, variable output flow.