Honda Of America, Dynaflo, & the COVID-19 Crisis

How Honda of America stepped up during the 2020 covid-19 crisis

Prior to March, 2020 Dynaflo was building the 3000 "Radial 12" Compressor for a ventilator manufacturer at the rate of about 75 units per week.  The COVID-19 crisis of early 2020 caused a surge in demand for ventilators and Dynaflo was challenged to bump production up to 2,500 per week, a factor of over 30!  There was no way Dynaflo could do it alone.

Meanwhile, in Marysville Ohio, Honda of America ("HAM") had stopped making cars due to the pandemic, and was looking for ways to put their idled production capacity to work - to help US manufacturing in any way possible.  They listed themselves with as available to assist if the right opportunity presented itself.

Skipping details, Dynaflo reached out to and they connected us with Honda.

During the next few months, HAM converted one of their buildings into a Dynaflo production site, involving over 200 employees during the extent of the project - which lasted from March until September 2020.  During that time, they manufactured over 30,000 compressors - each of which requires roughly 300 parts - amounting to close to 10 million individual pieces and roughly 75,000 man-hours of labor.

Dynaflo - and the Nation - stand forever grateful to Honda for their professionalism, their attitude, their enthusiasm and their dedication to making this project a success.  There is no telling how many lives were saved as a result - we will never know.  But we do know that we have the good people at Honda to thank for it.  A special shout-out to John McTighe for leading his Honda team through this challenging effort.

Here is a LinkedIn post that tell the story:
Link from Honda of America