3000 Series "Radial 12" Diaphragm Air Pump

 The 3000 Series Radial 12 diaphragm air pump is a unique, patented, compressor that was designed to produce uniform, high flow at low pressure for medical ventilator applications.  The 3000 Radial 12 utilizes a single, central eccentric to drive twelve radially oriented miniature diaphragm pumps.  The result is an air compressor that produce a smooth stream of air from a durable, lightweight device for use in emergency medical care applications. 

model 3092x



Dynaflo, Inc. has introduced a new, patented, radial air compressor aimed squarely at the flow pulsation, noise and vibration typical of conventional diaphragm pumps. Compact and lightweight, a fully-symmetric and balanced radial array of 12 diaphragm air pumps provides smooth flows to 140+ l/min, broad dynamic range, and fast response time.


Max Flow: 140 l/min (4.9 cfm)  

Max Vacuum:  N/A

Max Pressure:  140 mbar (2 psi)

Voltage:  12 VDC (others available)

Max Current: 5.5A (see power curves below)

Motor:  12VDC brushless

Weight:  0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)

Dimensions (LxWxH):  125mm x 121mm x 52mm (4.94" x 4.77" x 2.06")

Features and Advantages

- Fast response time

- Smooth, pulse-free output

- Cog-free low rpm performance



Pressure power curves


3000 Series "Radial 12" in stop-motion strobe

Here we use a strobe light to show the single central eccentric driving 12 radially oriented diaphragm compressors...   The result is a uniquely uniform flow of air that can be used in portable ventilators for emergency medical care.